Why is a Blog Good for Business?

A blog is a valuable asset for any business or organization.

The benefits for your search engine ranking are proven. In many cases, blogs can achieve solid ranking faster than regular websites. A blog is easier to publish than a regular website, so you can post content to it more often. Search engines like websites with frequently updated content. Each blog post is another page indexed on your site, and each post gives you the opportunity to rank for new keywords. Even the comments on your blog are useful, they measure the interest in a particular topic and the variations of keywords add to your search engine rankings.

Your blog gives you the opportunity to establish yourself or your company as an industry leader, offers a platform to network with your peers in the industry and allows you to generate buzz in social media. Businesses can use their blog to generate quality back links through well-maintained, informative and active blogging. If you are a proactive blogger, you can connect with multiple business partners who share a common interest or industry.

Your blog is a cheap marketing device. With a quality blog, you can instantly inform your consumers of the recently launched products and services much before you think to promote them through other media channels.

A blog can prove to be a powerful for building long-term relationships with your consumers. By posting sincere, unbiased articles to your blog, you can earn the trust from your potential customers to drive business growth.

A blog can be a frequently updated tool to tap into social media without having to jump into it full time. Since your blog readers can share your post with their friends on facebook, twitter and a host of social media, a blog is a good start.

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