Creating a Brand Identity

A good resource for getting started with a new brand, this article outlines the process. The key is: plan first, act after. While it may be tempting to start developing a logo right now, think about the whole brand image and the logo will come easier.

This is a guest article contributed by Zac Kenni*. — Once the domain of multi-million dollar corporations, the concept of branding is being embraced by individuals and small businesses as a means to distinguish themselves from the competition. It takes time and patience to develop an effective brand, both in the creation and the implementation phase. A brand cannot be created overnight; it is planned, maintained, groomed. But, if done effectively, the process is well worth the energy.

Simply put, a brand is the public image of a business, product or individual. It is reputation. It is a promise. When delivered consistently, a brand shapes consumers’ perceptions and expectations. A successful brand celebrates personality, honors values and embodies the spirit of the subject that it represents. The objective of a branding strategy is to develop clear, compelling, consistent messages that are easily conveyed. A good brand contains messages that can speak to multiple audiences, including…

Source: Establishing a Brand Identity | JUST™ Creative