Is your website responsive?

Our websites are designed to look great on any mobile device and any screen size. How does your current site compare?

While this is only one reason to redesign your website, it is a major one. On average 46% of the traffic to your website will be from visitors using a mobile device. If you website is hard to read or displays poorly, that leaves the user with a bad impression of your organization.

Responsive means that your site layout adapts to the device it is viewed on.

Users may be looking at your site from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. They expect to have a seamless experience from any of these devices. Say they did their research on your product and saved the product in their cart on mobile, it is still there when they go back to the site on their laptop. Can they complete the registration, place an order regardless of the device they are on? You work hard to bring that user to your website, but you may lose them if you don’t provide a smooth experience across all devices.

Typically businesses redesign their websites every 3 years. Of course, it depends on your business and on the type of website goals you have set. A redesign may seem like a big project, and it is, but it can be well worth it to your business.

In this series of posts, we will explore, reasons to redesign your website. We hope the information helps you evaluate whether you need to redesign your website, what to think about in the planning process, how much you could expect to invest in that redesign.