Web Video

Traditionally, video production required expensive equipment and software. However, in recent years the quality of video that can be produced from lower cost equipment has greatly improved.  Good video is now within reach of the small business on a budget.

We have recently added a new affordable video service to meet the demand for quality online video for small business and local organizations. A quality digital video that tells your story can be very affordable – and effective.

With nearly 80% of Americans now online and 65% of online adults using social media to share information with their connections, using video on your website is no longer just something nice to have – it’s a vital part of your marketing strategy.

To maximize visibility, the videos should not only be placed on your website, but also distributed to major video sharing sites such as Google, YouTube and more. We can connect your video with your social network as well.

A professionally made video can tell your story in a way that connects with your audience. Whether it’s a technical product demonstration or a introduction to your organization, we can plan, shoot, edit and post your video all at a reasonable price.

The cost of video production depends largely on the amount of editing, the number of cuts,captions, and graphics to be inserted and the number of shoots required to get all the footage.

We can produce business profiles of any length, record event video and audio. Contact us to discuss your project.