Add a Product in WP-eCommerce

WP e-commerce is a popular shopping cart for WordPress sites. here are a few tips on adding images and extra functions.

Multiple Images

To add multiple images in your wp-ecommerce store you will need the Gold cart plugin update. This will add extra functionality to your wp-ecommerce store.  The video below walks you through the addition of multiple images to your products. The speaker mentions having to delete images already in the Media Library, so that you can re-add them via the Add Product screen. He points out an important limitation, that you cannot associate images to your product from the Media Library, you must always upload the images from your computer to add them to the product gallery. We hope they can rectify this in future versions.

Weight Based Shipping (internal table)

If you are using weight based shipping, remember to add the packaged  weight for every product. Although you only need dimensions if you are calculating the shipping cost on the fly from UPS, USPS, etc. it is a good idea to add it to all your items as you add them in case you need to activate live shipping calculation later.

If you are using Weight Based Shipping with an internal table, you need to go to check that your weights and cost ranges are in place. Go to Settings > Store, click the Shipping Tab. Under Internal Shipping Calculators make sure Weight Rate is checked, click on the small Edit link to the right of it. A table should appear on the right.
weight based shipping table in wp-ecommerce wordpress store

In the table shown above the shipping that will be applied to an order of .01 pounds up to 2 pounds will be $5.  If the order weighs between 2 and 4 pounds the shipping will be $7, between 4 and 5 pounds will be $12 and so on. The total weight of all items on the order is used.   In the example above, all order 7 pounds and up are charged $20 shipping fee. Add more levels as needed.