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Website Update Subscription

Sometimes you want someone to update your site for you. We hear you and are now offering subscriptions for 2 updates per month for a recurring fee of $35.

Plan Details:

• First 2 blog posts per month. $35
• Additional posts for $15 each
Each blog post may consist of the following content provided by client:
• Text provided as a Word document. No limit on length of articles. Text will be copied to the post as
• up to 3 images or photos (attached to email or included in Word document)
• PDF documents (attached)
• a video hosted on YouTube or Vimeo (link must be provided)
• links to other sites.
If a post has no image, a stock image may be used.
With the addition of each post, there is an option to feature the post on the top of the home page, with teaser text and link to the post.

All posts contain share buttons at the bottom to enable visitors to share on social media.
In lieu of a post, other pages can also be added such as a donation page with a button for a donation.
Code for the button must be provided.

Optional services such as placing a mailing list function on the site can be performed in lieu of 2 posts.

Sending an e-mailing to the collected list is equivalent to one post.
Posts will be added within 3 business days of receipt.

Monthly fee will be billed automatically to your credit or debit card by PayPal our payment processor.

A free PayPal account is required to manage your service subscription.

Need a different plan based on your needs? Contact us for a specific Quote.

Ready to sign up. Use the form below. It will guide you through quick and easy creation of a PayPal account to allow you to manage your subscription. It allows you to cancel the subscription when the time comes.